Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on May 9th 2022 at Lostock Tennis Club.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Maslivec, Pearson, Taylor, Smith & Ms L Cartwright. The General Secretary usually rings Mr Broughton and Mr Prince a few days before the meeting, but in this case had forgotten. Since we were not quorate any major decisions would have to be deferred.

Apologies for absence: Ms Kate Caldwell, Mrs S Francis, Ms K Hosker, Ms H Morley & Ms L Perry, Mrs V Browne.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: A copy of the minutes had been sent to our arena representative. The Vice-chairman would contact him before the next meeting. Re the Rugby contact on the proposed sporting display some logistical issues are still to be resolved.

Correspondence: An email from Roe Green had been circulated. They had put in two new mixed teams, but one had been placed in a too high division by our Committee. In view of the circumstances, they asked to just have one team in the lower division. We would try and prevent this type of thing happening in future. The extra larger division was no longer needed.
An email from Bradshaw had been circulated expressing concerns about clashes in the larger division. This has now been overtaken by events as the larger division no longer exists.
An email from DL Abitare indicated they had a problem on 23rd May with courts out of action due to lights being replaced. The General Secretary had already replied with some suggestions. He was asked to pass on a couple more from the Committee.

League Reports:
Men’s League: All was running fine at the moment. A general discussion took place about placement of teams in the divisions.

Mixed League: Due to me getting married, the press report had been forgotten. All is OK at the moment. One match card had to be redone as the home and away teams were the wrong way around. I'm all up to date with google sheets and there is nothing wrong as of yet.
I would like to thank Sue who has been holding the fort on her own for the past couple of weeks. So thanks Sue!! 

Ladies League: None

Junior League: The season started well apart from the fact Eagley pulled out. Week two had been largely washed out and there was some correspondence asking that if in view of the low number of matches due to open dates, if the rained off ones could be postponed or rearranged between the teams themselves. It was pointed out that the rules do not allow teams to postpone or rearrange matches. They could play friendlies. However, if matches were officially rescheduled by the Committee that would work although it could not easily be done in all divisions. The Match Secretary would ask the clubs in certain divisions if they were agreeable to this line of action.

Afternoon League: This did not finish last year. There is some doubt as to it’s continuation especially now that we have players involved in the Ladies League.

Winter League:
The Committee had a short meeting in April. It was agreed that we would not be increasing the size of the league for the 2022/23 season. Nine matches per weekend is a manageable amount, especially as there were six weekends out of twenty when the Arena was unavailable. We would however be asking for teams to provide four names (2 gents, 2 ladies) as core players as confirmation that their team is viable. Existing teams will be contacted in July. The accounts/bank statements have been sent to the league Treasurer. Due to court hire/ball purchase exceeding the income of match fees there was a loss of almost £200 for the year. However, with £2500 within the bank account remaining there is no urgency to increase match fees at this moment in time.
A copy of the accounts had been sent which would be circulated separately to Committee Members.

Treasurer:  Enquiries are ongoing re insurance.

Tournament:  Ms Perry writes, “There are no big issues to report from me, Andy may have items. 
The LTA entry opens on Monday 16th May. All entrants from 2019 and 2021 will receive an email next week encouraging them to play this year.
Ged Shepherd and Lisa Cartwright both previously offered their services to go to clubs and offer to help players navigate the LTA IT. I hope they are still happy to do that, maybe they could talk that through, they can certainly liaise with Andy and myself about it.”

The Vice-chairman added that we need to get the banner redone. He also said that the previous caterer is unavailable and asked if anyone knew of any others to please let him know.

Dunlop: The Vice-chairman will be chasing clubs re ball purchases.

Social Media: A bit more has been added to Facebook.

LTA Network: A document has been circulated re leagues affiliating to them. The league could then use the league planner as long as all the clubs in the league were affiliated. There are also time limits as to how long committee members could remain on a committee.

AOB: A brief discussion took place re the Centenary.

Date and time of Next Meeting: Friday 10th June at 7pm at Lostock Tennis Club