Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm 9th March 2022 at Lostock Tennis Club.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell, Pearson (in the chair), Prince, Nuttall, Taylor, Ms K Caldwell, Ms L Cartwright & Ms H Morley.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Jackson, Maslivec, Mrs V Browne, Mrs S Francis, Ms K Hosker & Ms L Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: A reminder that one club needed away matches in men’s and mixed at the season start.
The Arena representative had to call off his appearance due to a family accident.

Correspondence: A member of the council had outlined a proposed celebration of Bolton sport to coincide with the Rugby League World Cup in the autumn. The Vice-chairman would contact them shortly to see what involvement could take place especially as it was the centenary of the league in 2022.

Handbook: The men’s Fixtures are due to go for compiling. The rule change had been done and club details revision is under way. It was suggested that Committee members be asked to check their details.

Calendar: Further revisions are ongoing and will be available for checking later.

Junior League: This was revised to include an extra team.

Ladies League: The divisional set-up was discussed and approved.

Treasurer: None

Winter League:
There is just one weekend to go in what has been a successful and relatively problem free season. With several teams dropping out after the abandoned 20/21 season there was interest from several other teams to join. However, the committee agreed, for a number of reasons, to take this opportunity to reduce the number of teams in the league. We therefore had 36 teams compared to 42 in 2019/20, which then reduced the number of matches played each weekend to a very manageable nine. This proved a wise decision as the Arena was unable to accommodate us for six of the twenty weekends. With teams having matches every other weekend we hoped it would make it easier for team organisers to field teams and there were only three unplayed matches out of the 180 that were fixtured.
For this season we promoted and relegated one team from each of the six divisions at the halfway point which gave the teams an opportunity to play one or two different teams post Christmas. I feel this worked well and the results show there were more close matches than one sided ones. We will try to gather feedback from the teams as to their thoughts on this arrangement and to whether to continue with it.
Can I take this opportunity to thank the Winter League committee for their very much appreciated assistance. Sue Francis, who does an excellent job in handling match fee collection and looking after the Arena matches. And then Jean Wilson, Brian Boardman and Julie Holmes, who has joined the committee this year, in looking after the David Lloyd matches.

Tournament: A Zoom meeting had been held to discuss sponsor packages. A revised method for production of the brochure and court logistics were also discussed.

Presentation Evening: Continue to think of a suitable presenter.

AOB: We need the front of the handbook to reflect the Centenary of the league. This also needs to be on the May agenda.

Date and time of handbook collection and player fees plus the next meeting: April 22nd 7.30 – 8.30pm. Friday May 13th 7pm.