Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on June 10th 2022 at Lostock Tennis Club.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Jackson, Latham, Pearson (in the chair), Prince, Taylor, Ms L Cartwright, Ms S Francis & Ms Morley.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Maslivec & Smith, Mrs V Browne, Ms Caldwell, Ms K Hosker & Ms L Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: Ongoing. A representative of the Arena is to be invited to a meeting. (Remove on next agenda, but send copies of minutes and agendas to Stuart Kay.)

Correspondence: Having received no objections from the Committee Dominic Kneafsey has been transferred from David Lloyd Bolton to David Lloyd Chorley in the men's competition.

General Secretary: It was asked how we were doing with multi team club's permanent ‘A’ team players being indicated in the Special Status Column? Have they all complied? Match Secretaries will be checking and there will be a further item in the newsletter.

League Reports:

Men’s League:  A rather complex situation where an away team had two players missing and the home team’s pair had not arrived until 7.25pm was discussed. There was no complaint. It was more a question of had the rules been applied correctly or whether the rules were silent on the matter. Should the final score be 5 - 4 or 4 – 4? The points were discussed and the Chairman will contact the relevant parties re the Committee’s take on the issue.
Apart from that there is nothing much to report. Teams have submitted their results on time. Unregistered players at the start of the season have subsequently been registered on time. Team Captains have been consulting with me on player eligibility queries before the start of play. Since the season began there have been just two abandoned matches due to inclement weather. As a point of interest, from the 28 matches played last Monday there were 7, 9 - 0 wins, 6, 8 - 1 wins. I can't recall so many high scoring wins before.

Mixed League: There were no major issues.
Some Cecil Cup sets had been played to 6 – 5, others to 6 – 6 and still others to 7 – 6. It was said that to be comparable with previous years and the handicapping system that only short sets should be played with the first to get six. The rules would need amending. In the meantime, a directive would be put in the newsletter.
One team was very peeved as they had turned up to a match having travelled quite a distance to find that the home team were not there. The team has been fined £20, but it was also felt that a letter from the Match Secretary drawing attention to the Clubs responsibilities to other teams was in order.

Ladies League: None

Junior League: Last month a question of rescheduling matches had been raised. One club was against this due to other commitments. So disappointingly this would not take place.
The Match Secretary said that the enthusiasm for the junior league does not seem to be there, unlike previous seasons.

Afternoon League: This has been suspended at the moment.

Treasurer:  There is nothing in particular. I’ve been busy and expect to do a big catch up in a few weeks’ time on the books, but nothing major is springing to mind.

Tournament:  Tournament entries are slow but steady. I hope there will be the usual flurry as we get nearer the closing date – 10am on 1st July. The handicapping meeting is on Sunday 3rd July at 10am. We are keen to get as much help for this as possible, last time I think you put it in the newsletter, but all committee members are very much encouraged to attend.
A buffet has been booked for the Tournament itself.

Presentation Evening: A name had been put forward for a presenter and the General Secretary would invite them. It was asked if the disco had been booked. The treasurer would need to let us know.

Dunlop: We need clubs to let us know the number of balls bought and where from. This would be included in the newsletter.

Social Media: This had been pretty active.

LTA Network: Following the circulation of documents a further discussion took place on the pros and cons of league membership.

AOB: None

Date and time of Next Meeting: Friday 12th August at 7pm at Lostock Tennis Club unless we need a meeting in July.