Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting at 7pm on Friday 14th May 2021 by Zoom.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Maslivec, Pearson (in the chair), Taylor, Ms K Hosker, Ms Morley & Ms L Perry.

Apologies for absence: Broughton, Jackson, Nuttall, Prince, Shepherd & Smith,

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: It was asked how the system of collection at the General Secretary’s house had gone. It had worked well although it took up a full day which wasn’t too bad due to lockdown. About a third of trophies had been returned and there were three clubs who had not collected their handbooks etc.

Treasurer: Team and Player Fees situation. Unfortunately, the treasurer’s connection via Zoom dropped out at this point and the item was never revisited.

General Secretary: A player was a bit miffed that the three mixed sets they had won had not been counted as sets won as far as the set difference was concerned. It was said that as far as we knew set difference had never been counted in the past although it may have been in the unofficial five-week in 2020 as Match Secretaries were not involved. The electronic system in 2019 did not appear to count them and prior to the electronic system, abandoned matches were often reported by email or telephone. The player may put a proposal to the AGM.

Looking at the 2019 results there a quite a few 9-0 scores. However, you can't really tell if they were genuine 9-0s or if one was a 'no show',  it would be a good idea for Match Secretaries to put '- no show' against the defaulting team's name. This would make it easier to identify those that need their 9 points reducing after we have half a season's matches in accordance with Match Rule 6 (ii). See footnote.

This led onto a long discussion of the interpretation of Match Rule 6 (ii) but this will be deferred to later after the General Secretary had had more time to discuss further with others.

League Reports: Men’s: DL Chorley B have withdrawn.

There have only been a couple of matches. This had gone quite well with just a few players requiring registration within the two-week period. One player had appeared to have played for both the B & C teams in the same week but this was deemed to be a genuine mistake as the names were similar and next to each other in the club listing. Markland Hill were having some of their courts redone and some matches will have to be played on other club courts. An item will be included in the newsletter.

Mixed: DL Chorley have withdrawn.
The Match Secretary and Sue Francis were working this league in tandem. The only problems had been unregistered players and the weather had resulted in a lot of abandoned matches.

A question had arisen in a conversation between the General Secretary and Sue Francis re Match Rules 2 which states that Mixed League and cup matches may be played on indoor courts providing both captains agree. This was obviously another flaw in the major revamp of the mixed league that had been overlooked. The 2021 proposal was that mixed should be played as the men’s league, so mixed should no longer have the option of playing indoors as they are no longer played to a finish if abandoned. This would be corrected for next year’s handbook. In the meantime, the Committee have directed that no mixed matches should be played indoors and this will be added to the newsletter.

Ladies: It was observed that there were quite a few mistakes in the handbook re dates of matches. Corrections would appear in the newsletter.

Junior: All was on course re registrations. DL Abitare have failed to turn a team out twice and will therefore be removed from the division if it happens again. Eagley have pulled out their B team. It will be removed from the fixtures and will be included in the newsletter.

Afternoon: Teams had expressed a preference to defer this to the autumn.

Winter: None

We will be getting things moving. We need to sort out sponsors. Emails will be sent to those who took part previously instead of the postal letter.

Presentation Evening: We need a presenter.  A DJ has still to be booked.

We have received the free balls. Clubs who have not yet notified our Vice-chairman are reminded to inform him of how many balls were bought and from where.

Facebook/Twitter: Good numbers continue to visit and read the information.

LTA Network: There was a meeting last night. They are going to be coming forward with various proposals in due course.

AOB: A number of clubs have still not provided their risk assessment. They need to be reminded in the newsletter that they need to do this LTA requirement by the end of the month or risk losing their home fixtures.
We have overlooked the press report rota. The Chairman will get this organised.

Date and time of Next Meeting: It was discussed as to whether we ought to have a normal face to face meeting particularly because two Committee members were not on the Internet. It was said that they could be invited to participate from two members houses. So, the next meeting would be by Zoom on Friday 11th June at 7pm.

Footnote: Following the meeting the General Secretary realised that adding anything to a team name would not work as this would result in an extra team appearing in the league tables. The best way to do it would be to do it like we do abandoned matches and show the result as 9 – NS.