Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 17th March by Zoom.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Jackson, Maslivec, Nuttall, Pearson, Shepherd, Smith, Taylor, Ms L Cartwright, Mrs S Francis, Ms L Perry, Ms K Hosker.

Apologies for absence: Broughton, Prince, Ms K Caldwell.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed after the following amendment:
Dunlop: The sponsorship is in the process of being renewed reinstated.

Matters Arising: There was an ongoing reminder to invite a representative of the Arena to a future meeting.

Correspondence: The Vice-Chairman had communicated various suggestions re the logistics of registration evening to which there had been some replies. It was agreed that the players registrations would be agreed with clubs online and payment made by cheque posted to the treasurer or BACs. This would remove the need for payments to change hands on the night. There would be no need for the large tournament form. The General Secretary had agreed to make himself available at home for 3 three-hour periods on 23rd April for the collection of handbooks and match cards.

A team that had finished third and had been promoted had written to ask if it were possible for them to remain in the same division as last year as their squad was considerably weakened. The Chairman pointed out that this would have been possible if we had not relegated the next to the bottom place in the Division above. However, it was thought that at this late stage changing things could cause a chain reaction creating a lot of extra work in resetting the league positions. The General Secretary would write explaining the situation.
(See addendum at the end)

It was noted at this point that we were awaiting confirmation from the LTA re safe Covid play.

Handbook: This was more or less complete. We would be trawling the Bolton Players group email for potential advertising.

Calendar: The General Secretary had proposed that it would be better if the first round of the Cecil cup were on the Tuesday of the bank holiday week instead of a league match so as not to compromise league matches as many may wish to make use of the week as a holiday. After a discussion it was agreed on a majority vote with one abstention that this was the best course of action. The calendar was amended accordingly.

Treasurer: None

This would be going ahead as normal although we may need to have discussions and adapt accordingly with any future LTA Covid advice.

Presentation Evening: The General Secretary mentioned that we usually try and think of a suitable presenter over the next few meetings.

Dunlop: We were awaiting confirmation re the sponsor agreement.

Facebook/Twitter: Ms Lisa Cartwright said that she had been keeping it active.

LTA Network: The Vice-Chairman, also LTC Rep. reported that the LTA were looking at giving leagues the chance to register, and would offer some benefits. Following registration, the LTA would be able to exert control over governance of a league.

The LTA also want to encourage all clubs to register. If a league registered, only LTA registered clubs would be allowed to play.

The LTA are replacing the current rating system with the World Tennis Number (WTN). All LTA registered players will shortly be told about the system and given their initial number.
League matches can count for players WTN, but only if the LTA League Planner is used.

The committee were asked to consider the above as we will need to make decisions at some point in the future.

It was noted that League Planner doesn’t accept half-point scores. This is ok for the three senior leagues but not for juniors.

AOB: It was asked if we need to keep the match cards from last year’s five-week informal play. The answer was no.
It was mentioned at the last meeting as to whether we ought to give clubs the option of returning trophies early instead of waiting until mid-season since we had missed a season. The General Secretary said that he would give them the option of returning them when they came for their handbooks.

Date and time of Player Registration and handbook collection: Player Registration and payment would take place in the weeks before Friday 23rd April when collection of handbooks would be from the home of the General Secretary. The next official Committee Meeting will be Friday May 14th.

The Cecil Cup draw was then made with the General Secretary drawing out the numbers.

Addendum: The following morning the General Secretary noticed that providing the team mentioned by the Chairman agreed not to be relegated, it was by a pure fluke easy to accommodate the wishes of the team concerned. After a quorum of Committee had agreed that the team be consulted, this was done and they agreed to stay up leaving the team who had raised concerns the facility to stay in their original division.