Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on 18th June 2021 by Zoom.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell, Jackson, Maslivec, Pearson (in the chair), Smith, Taylor, Ms L Cartwright & Mrs S Francis.

Apologies for absence: Mr Prince, Mrs V Browne, Ms K Hosker, Ms H Morley & Ms L Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: Ongoing - there is an intention to invite a representative of the Arena to a future meeting. It was reported that all club risk assessments had now been received. A press rota had been put in place. There was some question as to whether a lady’s league report had been printed.

Correspondence: A club had queried what counts as player appearances with regard to the second half of the season and the rules especially re the last two matches when matches were abandoned.
It was said that matches that had not started would not have names counted as an appearance. However, the names count if the match had started.

A player who had only played one match for Lostock had been granted permission to move to Markland Hill.

Treasurer: All is looking quite good in terms of payments from clubs. I do have a few mystery payments though:
I have £76 from 'Graham DTB'. This amount is likely to be registration fees as it doesn't tally with anything the team fee spreadsheet.
I am missing £120 team fee from Barrow Bridge. I cannot locate a cheque if they sent one, but I do have what I assume is their player fees of £97.
I cannot locate a £20 team fee from Claremont.
I have £48 registration fees from Elton Vale, but cannot locate their team fees of £70
I cannot locate £20 team fee from Monton.
I cannot locate £40 from Roe Green.
I have £58 from an A Blackburn, I do not know who this is, or what it's for.

We are still waiting for money from Dunlop Karen

The General Secretary said that we were in the process of trying to sort these fees out. The Vice-chairman said that as regards Dunlop, any unpaid invoice should be re-sent when any current invoice was issued.

General Secretary: It was pointed out that we will need to reconsider junior permanent A players in cases where a club has two teams in Division 1 as strict adherence to the rule results in the full team being nominated. Also, the four-week wait introduced by Markland Hill means that the junior league is well into the season before players need nominating.
It was also asked if a six-player team like the mixed would not be preferable, but it was understood that clubs would not like this.

League Reports:
Men’s: The fine weather had resulted in no abandoned matches. Clubs had got players registered when requested. One club had been fined twice for late match cards. One D team may be on the verge of going out having had two no shows. Eight teams need to review their permanent ‘A’ team players. A reminder would be put in the newsletter. Then the Match Secretary would contact the clubs and then the information would be passed on to the Registration Secretary for amendment.

Mixed: A club was going to have one of their permanent ‘A’ players missing some matches. If they nominated another player playing up from the B team then it would prevent them going back to play for the B team. Would they be in breach of the rules if they left things as they were? It was pointed out that they had already covered their obligations so no further nomination was needed. Also, since the mixed is now as the Men’s. Two men and a lady would be sufficient anyway. The General Secretary would inform them.

Mixed Match Secretary. “There have been no major issues regarding the mixed league apart from Markland Hill withdrawing a team which has been dealt with.
I have submitted all the handicaps for the Cecil cup prior to the meeting and I hope they are right, let me know if not!

I just had one thing I wanted to raise, a club had informed me that informed me that P******* F****** is playing for a club's A and B team this year due to work commitments.

They has spoken to A***** from the club about it as some of his team are a bit confused about how she is allowed to play for both teams given she is such a strong player and A***** confirmed that she has spoken the league about this. As the club's A and B are both in division 2, I assumed that this is the reason she has been allowed to play in both teams until a time where eligibility becomes an issue later on in the season. Could we just raise it with the committee tonight and ask if this is something they are OK with so I can get back to the club about it?

I hope this makes sense, and sorry again for short notice about my apologies tonight.”
Otherwise, all was going reasonably smooth.

The above was discussed by the Committee and the decision was that the player in question should only play for the ‘A’ team as otherwise they would be in contravention of Registration of Players and Eligibility Rule 7 (a) which states that lower ranked players should not play above higher ranked players.

Ladies: None.

Juniors: One club having three no shows has been removed from the league. There were quite a few late registrations.

Afternoon: Invitations will be sent out at the end of the month.

Winter: There is nothing to report except that I will make contact with team organisers in July asking if they wish to enter a team for 2021/22.

Tournament: The online entry is open. Currently there is very little interest in junior events. Men’s singles has a healthy entry of 14, ladies singles 1. There seem to be a few of us now qualifying for >60s mixed handicap, including Martin Bromley! This might become the new prestigious event!! Entries close on 3rd July 10am. The handicap meeting may be virtual - I will do preliminary suggested handicaps and email helpers to review them - and the draws to be made by Andy and myself on 5th July in time to get the programme to Multicopy.
Please ask all club representatives at the meeting to actively promote the tournament and remind their members to enter soon or at least within the next 2 weeks. I’m sure once a few junior names go down then others will follow, but we need to build some momentum.

It was said there were still problems re attendance and seating to be resolved re Covid requirements

It was pointed out that on the BSF website it just said that entries were closed. The General Secretary said he would contact the BSF Secretary and publicise the Tournament in the newsletter

Presentation Evening: A couple of suggestions were put forward by the Vice-chairman for a trophy presenter.

Dunlop: The tennis balls have now been received.

Facebook/Twitter: There a quite a few visitors with some ‘likes’ added.

AOB: There were quite a number of handbooks with half of Registration of Players and Eligibility Rule 7 (c) missing. Comparing a correct one with an incorrect one led the General Secretary to believe about 50% may be wrong comparing the alignment of the page numbers.
An item in the newsletter to reinforce the rule would be included and some clubs attention drawn to the matter.

Date and time of Next Meeting: Friday 13th August at 7pm unless a meeting is needed in July. Zoom or in person TBA.