Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 10th May 2019 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Nuttall, Pearson, Prince & Smith.

Apologies for absence: Maslivec, Ms K Abbott, Mrs V Browne, Ms L Cartwright, Mrs S Francis, Ms L Perry. Post meeting apologies were received from Ms K Hosker stuck on the M61 due to an incident.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: Duties had been exchanged, with Mr S Maslivec taking on the Men’s Match Secretary role. Mrs S Francis had been approached to take on the Mixed League but did not want the lead role but would assist with a lot of the behind the scenes work, so Mr M Pearson had beenn allocated the official role. Mrs V Browne had now volunteered to assist with Google Docs completion.
The Cecil Cup would need to be obtained early from the winners so that the repair could take place.

Correspondence: There had been an email from Holcombe Brook re juniors as to why the rule had been taken out where boys can only play as girls if no girls were available, when in principle it is supposed to be a mixed league. They had played against one team consisting of only boys, yet the day after girls turn up from the same club. It was questioned as to whether this was a tactical decision or not. It would be a shame if a team full of boys were to win a Division One Junior League.
The Junior Match Secretary had responded.
We ought to bear this in mind for the next AGM that since the numbers in a team had been reduced, it ought to be a proper mixed league consisting of two boys and two girls. If a club could not field such a team then they should not enter.

Treasurer: As stated previously Ms K Hosker, the treasurer was absent. The General Secretary said that some spare handbooks could be needed to send out with the advertising invoices later. Some would bring some to the June meeting.

General Secretary: The new online system seemed to be working very well so the previous entries on the BSF Secretary’s web pages were now linked to the www.bsftennisleague.co.uk site. As it becomes a permanent feature there will be a need to amend the rules re posting of match cards.
The Chairman thanked the General Secretary Roy Caswell for pioneering the system and thanks were once again given to  Chris Cain from Ellesmere for his expertise in providing enhancements such as the auto completion of players names feature.

Club Secretaries had been provided with a link, showing the number of trophies in their possession and those of their members.

The General Secretary had proposed that  those clubs, which numbered three, which had been unable to field a team on the Bank Holiday Monday and had to lose 9 – 0, should not have to incur a £20 fine in addition. In the past, the Bank Holiday had been used for cup matches which a club could opt out of. Since men’s cup competitions finished they had been left free. This was seconded by Mr S Maslivec. As there were five at the meeting who were in unanimous agreement and Mr. Maslivec made six, the motion required a further Committee member to agree as we did not have the seven required for a quorum.

League Reports:

Men’s League: The new Men’s Match Secretary thanked the General Secretary for all his help in familiarising him with the new system. Thanks were also given to Mr J Nuttall who would be assisting with Divisions 1, 2 & 3 while the Match Secretary himself would do Divisions 4 – 7. Thanks were also given to Mrs V Browne for deciding to help out with recording information on Google Docs. All matches had been played apart from the three referred to previously on the Bank Holiday.

Mixed League: In week one, 13 of the 15 mixed match cards were submitted online. In week two, 11 out of 15 were put online, so it does look as if most teams are now using this system.   The majority of teams seem to have managed the online submission well. The main problem has been the misspelling of away players names (presumably because the home captain can’t read the writing!) I’ve had to double check some of the away player names to confirm who played and that they are registered.
There have only been a few players who were unregistered at the time they played and reminders have been sent re the 2 week registration rule to the clubs concerned.
I’ve submitted Lostock’s men’s and mixed cards for the first 2 weeks. The auto complete has made a big difference and the men’s match cards are very straightforward. The mixed take a bit more concentration and the introduction of a button allowing the review of a card before it’s submitted has been really helpful.
I’ve found that some captains either haven’t noticed or haven’t understood that the mixed cards need to be completed in a certain way on the night to match the online submission done later. (They either haven’t noticed, or haven’t understood the purpose of the asterisks). It might be worth putting something about this in the newsletter.

Junior League: It had been a bad start to the season with Roe Green pulling out in the first week. This was particularly annoying as there could have been four divisions of six. Then this week Tyldesley TC have also pulled out, fortunately they are in a different division. One team has conceded each week of play so far.

Afternoon League: This is due to begin shortly and all results and practice match cards have been reset.

Winter: Another successful season for the Winter League. Reducing the league from 46 teams to 42, given the limited court availability gave us six divisions of seven teams. This simplified arranging the matches and a more regular playing format of two weekends out of three meant that only three matches out of the 252 arranged did not get played - a big improvement on previous years. We were also fortunate in that only one weekends worth of matches had to be shuffled due to the bubble being taken down due to the weather and that last minute changes at the Arena could be accommodated at David Lloyd.
This year we issued one tin of four balls per match as opposed to six balls over two matches. This made calculating the number of balls required a simple task and also appeared to be acceptable to the teams. It also certainly made managing the matches easier too. Despite the increased cost in purchasing balls, this was offset by less refunds due to unplayed matches, and therefore the season made a 'loss' of just £110. With a healthy bank balance this is not a problem and there is no need to increase match fees at this moment in time. Three teams have enquired about entering a team for the 2019/20 season but unless current teams drop out we would prefer for the league to remain the same as it is.
It just remains to give my heartfelt thanks to Sue Francis for organising the matches at the Arena, and also to Jean Wilson and Brian Boardman for looking after David Lloyd. Without them the league would not happen and the time they willingly give is very much appreciated.
Thanks were given to the Colin Sharples Winter League Secretary, Mrs V Browne for running the league.

Presentation Evening: It was asked if the food had been ordered and the disco. We would have to wait until the next meeting when hopefully the treasurer would be available. We had thought that the Albert Halls were going to be cheaper, but now it looks like this will not be the case. This is mainly due to the fact that only one set of caterers are allowed and so you can’t just book your own.
We will have to consider prices and compare.

LTA Network: There had been a Chairman’s meeting on Wednesday May 1st. This was rather disappointing as only three Club Chairmen attended.

AOB: None

Date and time of next meeting: Friday 14th June at 7pm.