Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell, Maslivec, Nuttall, Pearson (in the chair), Prince, Taylor, Smith, Ms L Cartwright, Mrs K Abbott & Dr L Perry

Apologies for absence: Mrs V Browne, Mrs S Francis & Ms K Hosker.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: We had referred the repair needed re the Cecil Cup to the BSF as they have a trophy fund. The Secretary had replied asking if we didn’t have the trophies signed for so that the holder could be held accountable.
The Trophy Secretary said that the defect was more of a long standing issue and it was already in that condition when he took over the job. We would report back to the BSF.

We could have done with an update from the Treasurer re her comments about advertising. However, since she was absent this would have to wait until the next meeting.

Correspondence: Feniscowels had applied to put in a men’s team. It was pointed out that the league was already completely full. Admitting a new team especially in a higher division would need radical changes. However, the main point was the distance involved. Since we were not a team short we would have to go by the rules and put the case before the AGM.

League set up: It was reported that one club had not finalised their fees in time. Some mitigating emails and texts were read. It was argued that it was no-one’s fault, but was the fault of the clubs difficult system. It was decided that if this was not sorted by the end of February, they would have their teams removed and the leagues rejigged. It was also said that if it happened next year then their participation in the Bolton League would have to cease.

The leagues were then set-up. The men’s league had just one extra team making seven divisions of eight so it was a straightforward two up and two down. There were two options for the new team. They could be placed either in Division six or seven. It was decided they should start in seven.
For the Mixed League There were two versions put to the meeting. In one version teams were left as per last year with two up two down. However, many pointed out that to have a bottom Division of six teams was not good. If one more team dropped out it would be left decimated. In the end, the majority of the Committee opted for the other version where every division had seven teams. Although second placed teams would lose out on promotion, it was thought this was the fairest option all round. A junior set-up of five divisions of six teams each was put before the Committee. This was agreed tentatively. However, a conversation then ensued re the new set-up. It was obvious that there were a few knock on effects to other existing rules that had been overlooked in bringing in the new rule. The Committee would have to apply common sense and modify three particular instances.

(1) Only one permanent A team Boy and one permanent A team girl would have to be nominated, not two of each.
(2) It would be allowed to play two matches sharing three courts in view of the fact that matches will be shorter.
(3) The Cup rules as written make no sense whatsoever under this new team set-up. They will have to be modified.
(a) For teams in different Divisions, the lower team will receive a differential (68 34 less twice the number of teams in the Junior league competition) plus two one games per place that the lower team occupies below the higher team.
            NB - This differential shall be halved if one of the top two teams in one Division is playing one of the bottom two teams in the Division immediately above.
    (b)   For teams in the same Division, the handicaps are based on a maximum of 38 20.

It was said that in view of (2) a club or clubs may wish to enter an extra junior team. It was decided to email clubs with junior teams to make sure.
The Junior League Secretary would hang on a while in case there were any developments.

Calendar 2019: Two draft copies were handed out. One with the dates dropped back a day which showed clashes with Easter and a second version with all weeks moved forward a week. It was decided that moving everything forward a week did not leave much time at the end of the season. It was decided instead to adopt the first version with some minor modifications to the first matches. The first and second men’s matches were moved forward a week with the second match falling on the first May Bank Holiday. The first two mixed matches were moved forward a week with the Cecil Cup Preliminary moved to the Tuesday following Easter Monday. Registration night would be the Friday before Good Friday.

Treasurer: A list of Guarantee fees received so far was given

Handbook: The rule revamp had been done and put online for checking. The club details would be updated next month.

General Secretary: With the help of Chris Cain from Ellesmere, online match card entry forms have been improved with autocomplete, the mixed card only needs the names entering once. The paper match card has had some amendments to make sure teams put the player’s names in the correct slots to allow this to happen. As mentioned at the AGM, it is hoped that the majority of teams will now avail themselves of this system and perhaps everyone the year after.

It was asked if Match Secretaries would like a replacement for having to do Google Docs. If so, we could have an output from the match cards themselves. However it would need to be vertical rather than horizontal.

The Match Secretaries had some reservations. So, the General Secretary said he may experiment with the system alongside Google Docs to see how it developed.

Tournament: The dates on the Calendar are correct.
There is a meeting at 7pm, 7th March. Two new microphones are needed and two cheap phones for making calls without the use of personal phones.

Presentation Evening: It was suggested and agreed that Lisa Cartwright would be asked to present trophies in her new capacity as President of all of Lancashire tennis.
We don’t know how the catering was sorted out the last time we were at the Albert Halls. It could have been the then Chairman or our treasurer.

Dunlop/Slazenger: We are committed to Dunlop balls this year. It is expected that all clubs will use Dunlop balls.

AOB: Attendance for Community Coaching at Barrow Bridge had fallen considerably last year. We would contact Sam Foulkes our local LTA Participation Development Partner who had just been visiting Bolton Clubs to see it a replacement advert could be used on the website.

We need a new regular item for the future agendas “LTA Network:”

Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 7pm.