Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 8th September 2017 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Al-Chalabi, Caswell, Nuttall, Prince, Rigby, Taylor (in the chair), Ms K Abbott, Mrs V Browne, Ms L Cartwright & Mrs S Francis.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Maslivec, Pearson, Smith, Ms K Hosker (Can assist on Presentation Night) & Ms L Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: The General Secretary had produced an example of on-line men’s card completion and display of results. See AOB.
The Mixed Match Secretary and Barrow Bridge member said that the issue of the banking at Barrow Bridge had been discussed at their Committee meeting on 17th August. They resolved to get quotes for some appropriate fencing.

Treasurer: We pay the balance of £1,800 by Tuesday. There was an initial deposit of £200. If numbers increase beyond those anticipated, then we will have to tweak this further later. The invoicing for handbook adverts is an ongoing situation.

Tournament:  Mr Prince presented his report:
“This year, the 35th annual tournament, was one of the most significant in its history. As a result of planned redevelopment of the Bolton School courts we were forced to move away from the usual Chorley New Road site and seek alternative venues. After much thought and discussion, the Tournament Committee eventually decided that using Lostock, Markland Hill and Meadow Hill courts gave us sufficient capacity to complete the nine day tournament.
Another change this year was that the junior events were played in the Fast 4 format – each match was just two sets, first to four games with a tie break at 3 all. Matches were therefore much shorter than the traditional ones and this enabled most of the junior matches to be completed over the first weekend. We were fortunate that although the weather was changeable throughout the tournament, it was mainly fine when play was scheduled – only 2 matches needed to be played indoors at David Lloyd. We had to contend with the unavailability of Lostock and Meadow Hill on the Sunday due to the closure of Chorley New Road due to the Ironman event, but thanks to Andy and his computer, all finals were reached and played on time.
Overall the entry was fairly similar to that in 2016. The main increases were in the Boys U18 Singles from 2 to 12, the Boys Doubles from 5 to 9, the Handicap Veterans Mixed Doubles 14 to 19 and the Handicap Senior Mixed Doubles 4 to 10. The significant decreases were boys U14 Singles 16 to 10, Level Mixed Doubles 18 to 13 and Handicap Mens Singles 21 to 17. Sadly,  the Girls Singles both U14 and U18 events were not run owing to insufficient entries. In the handicap events  the number of close matches 6 – 4 or closer  was 48 out of 109 i.e. 44% - a creditable performance by the handicapping committee.
On an excellent day weather-wise, the level finals were held at Markland Hill where the presentations took place, while Lostock hosted the handicap events.
Finally, our thanks must be extended to the Tournament Committee for all their hard work in a year of change. Particular thanks are due to our Vice-Chairman Andy for his huge efforts in successfully scheduling the tournament and Tournament Secretary Liz for all her hard work especially in the preparatory stages of the Tournament.”

All three clubs would host again and it is likely that it will be run on the same basis next year. Competitors feedback is posted by the LTA and can be accessed and be available later.
The single point deuce was not liked by most although liked by some. The Tournament would clash again next year with Ironman unless we brought it forward one week.

Clubs will be consulted about handicap formats and tournament dates. An alternative to LTA online system and BSF system will be available for next year.

Match Secretary Reports:

Men’s: It had not been the easiest of seasons with 38 matches lost to the weather.
One card had come through 4.5 – 4.5 with all match scores completed although someone had reliably informed the Match Secretary that the match had been abandoned. Fortunately, in the end, although not known at the time, the tables were not affected. However, the Match Secretary would email the secretaries telling them that it had been discussed in Committee and that we were not impressed by such actions. This again raised the question of whether we should adopt 2 points for a win and 1 point each for all draws and ties. The Match Secretary had worked out that the tables would not be affected, but it would remove the question as to whether a match had really been played or not.

Mixed:  The season ended well. There were no significant issues to raise and the Cecil Cup final went without any hitches. The Cup has gone to Readies for engraving. It was mentioned that a small change in the new rule enabling borrowing from other clubs may be useful in that for teams in the bottom division players should not be borrowed from a team that has an open date.

Winter League:  This started tonight. Fixtures had only been planned to the end of September due to the uncertainty of court availability. The bank account has been set up and Internet banking is being pursued. Sue Francis was busy chasing cheques. Hopefully the new system will improve things. The possibility of a Winter League newsletter was raised to keep teams informed of developments.

Summer Daytime: It is becoming increasingly difficult due to lack of player numbers. We will give it one more year but it may eventually fizzle out. The Summer Daytime League Secretary said this would be his last year organising this. The Men’s Match Secretary said that she may also need replacing due to the pressure of both Men’s and the Winter League commitments.

Presentation Evening:  The Chairman, General Secretary and Trophy Secretary had visited the Holiday Inn to finalise arrangements and the Holiday Inn representatives were very co-operative and enthusiastic.
The Trophy Secretary had produced a long report which had been circulated detailing possible complications that could arise on the lead up to next Friday.
He also stated that considerable time and effort had been wasted in chasing up two trophies that had not been returned by those who signed for them within the time allowed.  It was agreed that they should be fined the twenty pounds and the General Secretary would write with complimentary copies to their Club Secretaries.

AOB: A very long discussion took place on the logistics of on-line Tournament and Match Card recording. Sue Francis commented on the fact that not being used to Men’s Match Card layout it was a bit difficult to assess. The General Secretary said that he may produce a mixed version if time permits. It was agreed that online cards, tables and player records be added to the specification for the new tournament system.

Community tennis coaching at Barrow Bridge is limping to a close (unless the weather and pupil attendances pick up), and my latest report is attached.   In terms of numbers of pupils attending we are down on last year and at present we are £186 in the red. I have paid Martin £560 already.
Martin Coyne continues to lead 2, 1 hour coaching sessions on a Wednesday evening. First session is for beginners, second session for more accomplished players.
14 sessions have been cancelled due to inclement weather, no pupils showing up or Martin on holiday.
Average pupil numbers for session 1 are similar to last year at about 6 per session
Average pupil numbers for session 2 are down on last year by about a third
In terms of finance we are £186 in the red (income =£374, outgoings = £560)
Total sessions undertaken 28                  
Total sessions cancelled    14                    
Total nos. at session 1        88                
Average per session          5.9 (2016 average = 6.2)   
Total nos. at session 2        44                  
Average per session          3.4 (2016 average = 4.9)   
Total numbers attended    129 (same period in 2016 = 157)          
Income (£)                         374  
Outgoings to coach (£)      560          
Difference (£)                  - 186     
Income: outgoings (%)       67%     (same period in 2016 = 78%)

Date and time of next meeting: 7pm on Wednesday 11th October 2017at St Margarets.