Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 12th May 2017at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell (in the chair), Maslivec, Prince, Ms K Abbott, Mrs V Browne, Mrs S Francis & Ms K Hosker.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Pearson, Smith & Taylor.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: The Chairman had not taken the honoraria issue any further but will do so before the next meeting. The General Secretary had attended the official opening of Tydesley’s new courts. The issue of loans needs formalising and will be the subject of a future meeting.

Correspondence: We had received a request from a new player to a club asking if he could play in the B team rather than the A team as he was not classed as a permanent ‘A’ team player. Comments from the Vice-Chairman and Chairman were read to the meeting. This was followed by a half hour discussion on the difficulties experienced by a club when a new player appears with an already established high standard record and the ‘A’ team is newly promoted and consists of established players in that team who have worked as a team for promotion the previous season. The pros and cons of the application of Match Rule 6 (a) were also considered in this situation. The Match Secretary said that he had not been prevented from playing the ‘B’ team but only as a regular player.

The eventual decision was that he was not precluded from playing in the B team on occasions but it would be expected that the majority of his matches would be for the ‘A’ team. This situation would be monitored and reviewed around the half way point in the season.

General Secretary: The General Secretary had reported that the system re adverts in the handbook and the tournament brochure seemed to have gone somewhat awry over recent years.

From the accounts:

Income from tournament brochure advertising: 2011 - £150; 2012 - £150; 2013 - £0; 2014 - £0; 2015 - £0; 2016 - £0.

Income from handbook advertising: 2011 - £247; 2012 - £75; 2013 - £80; 2014 - £130; 2015 - £200; 2016 - £0.

He had spoken at length to Sharon at Readies in respect of tennis and table tennis handbook advertising. She said that she assumed that the advert had ceased in both because she had not had a handbook & invoice. She said that with trophy advertisers the usual thing was to deduct the cost of the advert from the trophies invoice so that in the accounts we add on the cost of the advert to what has been literally been paid on the expenditure side and then show it as income on the income side under advertising and she would then show this on the trophies invoice. However, they still need a copy of the handbook and advert invoice.
The General Secretary said that he had sorted the handbook and had a list of names and addresses and emails to which invoices could be sent. Perhaps an on-line handbook would suffice. He would pass this onto the treasurer who said that she would sort out the EAD Solicitors advert.
As regards the Tournament brochure it would appear that the vast majority of adverts were the ones who were sponsoring the competitions anyway. So they would not be invoiced twice. Their advert goes with the sponsorship. There were three exceptions. The two trophy providers both had small adverts which it hardly seems bothering about since they paid for an advert in the handbook anyway. Then there was EAD Solicitors who occupied a full page. It was said that they were to become a sponsor anyway this season, but the treasurer would sort.

Longsight St. Catherine’s: The General Secretary had observed that their on-line registration list appeared to have an overload of players? An email had apparently gone astray. This had been found on the morning of the meeting and the correct twenty-five paid for players correctly listed.

Lancashire Council: There is a vacancy as we only have one representative and we are allowed two. Our Chairman has agreed to take up this position.

Match Secretary Reports:

Men’s League: Only two matches have been played so far. Holcombe Brook E have withdrawn from the league. Hawkshaw E were unable to raise a team for one match.
It was mentioned that should a player play from another club under the new rules then this should be noted on the match card.
Some cards were coming in that were unreadable. These latter two items would be mentioned on this week’s newsletter.

Mixed League: There have been no major problems so far. There are just a few unregistered players that need chasing up before the two week deadline. We will remind clubs to keep an eye on registrations on the following newsletter.

Junior League: There was little to report after two matches and Howarth Cup Round 1. Two clubs were unable to field a team in the first week out of fourteen. Football was to blame for at least one of these and I have been advised that another will have to miss in week 4.

Winter League: There will be a meeting to establish entries for next season.

Tournament: There was a meeting on Wednesday of the Tournament Sub-Committee together with Club Representatives. It will be necessary to form a rota of Committee Members who are not actively involved full time. They will be needed at the two venues other than Markland Hill were Committee members will be there all the time. This will be produced nearer the time.

Presentation Evening: The choice of a presenter was deferred to a later meeting.

Community Coaching: The Mixed Match Secretary gave a report on the situation and said that attendance was down. He would provide the General Secretary with an advertising flyer for the web site.

First Month Report: 19 April to 10 May (4 weeks)


Martin Coyne continues to lead 2, 1 hour coaching sessions on a Wednesday evening. First session is for beginners, second session for more accomplished players.
No sessions have been cancelled.
Average pupil numbers for session 1 are similar to last year at about 6 per session.
Average pupil numbers for session 2 are down on last year by about a half.


Total sessions         undertaken   8                 

Total sessions cancelled              0                   

Total nos. at session 1                 26               
Average per session                    6.5     (2016 average = 6.2)          

Total nos. at session 2                 11               
Average per session                    2.75    (2016 average = 4.9)          

Total numbers attended               37      (same period in 2016 = 55)                  

Income (£)                                  102   

Outgoings to coach (£)                160          

Difference (£)                              - 58      

Income: outgoings (%)                64%   (same period in 2016 = 97%)

AOB: None

Date and time of next meeting: Friday 9th June at 7pm.