Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday  11th August 2017 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Pearson, Prince, Taylor, Mrs V Browne, Mrs S Francis, Ms K Hosker.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Maslivec, Nuttall, Rigby, Smith, Ms K Abbott, Ms L Cartwright, Ms L Perry

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: None.

Correspondence: Monton TC has requested a place in next year’s men’s league. There were at present places. This would be raised at the AGM.

A very long piece had been received from Richard Massey containing a number of suggestions for both the league and tournament. Those applying to the league were discussed and favourably received and we will investigate the various options. The Vice-chairman will respond after the tournament meeting when the tournament items could be considered.

Treasurer: There had been a request for a review of the honoraria. It was suggested and accepted that these should be increased. Those at £60 to be £80 and those at £40 to be £50 and that the duties of the chairman be set at £50.

All the tournament money has been received. The issue of the advert invoices is next.
As regards loans to clubs, we have a comfortable cushion of funds. However, it was agreed in principle that we should not let funds fall below £15,000.

Match Secretary Reports:
Men’s League:
Things have been running fairly smoothly since the last meeting. There were quite a few appearances in the penultimate matches by those who had not played twice and the Match Secretary had not been informed in advance. Also, those who had not played twice should only be appearing in the lowest team. Some scores require adjustment for this.

A complaint had been received from S***** B******* of H******* B regarding the response of A***** K***** of D**** L**** C****** B when an alleged foul shot had been called. A response had been received which also contained an apology. Both had been circulated and were discussed. It was agreed that Mr K***** had crossed the line of the Code of Conduct and prolonged matters unnecessarily. It was proposed that he receive a two match ban at the start of next season. However, after further discussion it was agreed that he receive a written warning that this matter would be taken into account if any further complaints were received in the future. The General Secretary would write to both parties.

Mixed League:
“I am pleased to report that for the last 3 weeks or so things have settled down with the mixed tennis fixtures, and the league table is finally up to date and in order (as far as I can see). That said, the unavailability of courts at David Lloyd Bolton has been an issue, with alternative venues having to be found. But matches finally went ahead.
The Cecil Cup final is to be played on 3rd September between Meadow Hill and David Lloyd (Bolton).
For some reason the web site says that the final is to be held at Holcombe Brook. I don't know why this is listed as such, because I normally wait to see who is in the final and then find an appropriate venue.
Could you please raise this matter at the meeting? It would make sense for the final to be held at Markland Hill or Lostock or perhaps Bradshaw (subject to one of the clubs offering their facilities).

Find attached an interim report (to 9th August) for the Community Tennis Coaching at Barrow Bridge. (See AOB)

In respect of Holcombe Brook's complaint about the banking at Barrow Bridge, we have a Committee meeting on 17th August, so I will raise the issue then.”
The Treasurer said that one of their players had had an incident with a raised area, but at the opposite side of the lower court.

The venue for the Cecil Cup was then discussed. There were vague memories of mentioning Holcombe Brook as a venue when they had offered their services for hosting the Tournament. It was agreed that it was a long way out for the finalists to go when other local courts were available. Sue Francis will discuss this with the Mixed Match Secretary.

Winter League: There had been a meeting the previous night when four new teams had dropped out and four new ones had replaced them. Ball and fees logistics were discussed and these systems are to be streamlined to cut down the work.

Forms were produced to transfer the money reserves from a current account to a club/societies account. These were signed by the Chairman and General Secretary.

Afternoon League: More matches than normal have been postponed this year. There did not appear to be the same diligence in getting replacement players from other clubs. There were no new faces. It appeared to be the same cluster of players in a club that participated.

Tournament: There is to be a meeting of the Tournament Committee on Wednesday 6th September.

Presentation Evening: The usual invitation letter from the General Secretary would not be required. The Vice-Chairman would pass on a couple of complimentary tickets.
It would be useful to have a pre-visit to establish layout. We will try and arrange this.

Dunlop/Slazenger: The present arrangements were due to come to an end in December. It was agreed in principle to continue and renew although we could seek arrangements with any other ball manufactures should we so wish.

Community Junior Coaching at Barrow Bridge Month Two Report:

19 April to 9 August 2017 (17 weeks)

Martin Coyne continues to lead 2, 1 hour coaching sessions on a Wednesday evening. First session is for beginners, second session for more accomplished players.

6 sessions have been cancelled due to inclement weather and 1 session when no pupils showed up.

Average pupil numbers for session 1 are similar to last year at about 6 per session
Average pupil numbers for session 2 are down on last year by about a third

In terms of finance we are £175 in the red (income =£365, outgoings = £540)


Total sessions undertaken   27             
Total sessions cancelled       7               
Total nos. at session 1        85             
Average per session             6    (2016 average = 6.2)          
Total nos. at session 2        44             
Average per session          3.4    (2016 average = 4.9)          
Total numbers attended     129      (same period in 2016 = 157)               
Income (£)                          365   
Outgoings to coach (£)       540          
Difference (£)                     -175     
Income: outgoings (%)       67.5% (same period in 2016 = 78%)

Date and time of next meeting: Friday 8th September at 7pm.