If you have any concerns re another club or any individual from another club please read this before embarking on any official dispute procedure.

Five point plan re possible disputes:

  • Before involving a third party such as the BSF Tennis Committee, have you eliminated the possibility of discussing your concerns/problems with the other club? Ask to be invited to one of their  meetings or consult the secretary.
  • If you have to involve a third party. Keep it impersonal. Talk about the club or member (s) of the clubs. Names are not always needed unless requested.
  • Check what you have written. Would you be happy for the other club to read it?
  • Check what you have written again. Around 20 committee members may end up with it on their computers. Of course its confidential. So are items leaked from parliament.
  • If you have 'cocked up' and you need to apologise, make it unconditional. "If I am wrong, then I apologise." is not an apology, it is quite the opposite.

Acknowledgements to Readers Digest for any duplication.