Colin Sharples Winter League Newsletter 1; 10 September 2017


1. A named player is only able to play one division lower than the one that they are linked to.

2. Approval is needed for a player to play twice in one weekend.

Tips: Don’t forget the Arena turns the lights off at 10pm sharp when they officially close so don't start a new game if there is less than 3 minutes to go. The same also applies to starting a new game at the changeover time.

Should one court have completed their set and the game on the other is becoming a endless deuce/ad/deuce scenario then a sudden death point should be played. In a mixed set the lady serves to a lady, or the gent to a gent, regardless of who is playing on the forehand or backhand side. In the ladies or gent's set then the receiving pair decides who receives the serve.

Can teams try and fill in names on match cards before the match starts, and fill in scores as the match proceeds. That helps any organiser out who may be waiting to collect cards from teams at 10pm at the Arena. If balls are collected up at the end of a session that will help too.

Roy Caswell, General Secretary of the BSF Tennis League

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