Proposed Rule Changes for 2021

(in the order they appear in the handbook)


That we add the extra below to rule 1

Registration of Players and Eligibility

(1) All player registrations are subject to the approval of the Management Committee. Following the initial group registrations of players, any additional player will be automatically registered when they play their first match provided that the name and address of the player is in the hands of the Registration Secretary within 14 days of their appearance. Otherwise, their sets will be forfeited.

The name and address is held on a password protected database and is used to uniquely identify the player and if needed for any written correspondence. It is destroyed when the player, club or the BSF Tennis Committee cancel the registration.

The name together with the name of the club is used on public player registration lists, published online match cards and press reports. Online match cards are destroyed after three years.

Player’s statutory rights are not affected. Published names can be replaced if you request that from the BSF Tennis League Committee.

Markland Hill

1. Mixed League format to continue as the mini-season 2020. i.e. 

Basically the same format as the mens league + (Cecil Cup to be devised by the Committee)

2. (If 1 gets voted in) Ladies league to be formed, taking the same format as the mens league, and played on Thursday nights.

Amendment conditional on 2 being passed. That the home team has a choice of Thursday or Wednesday as their nominated home night.

Amendment conditional on 1 failing to be passed: That the mixed match is played to a finish on the Tuesday. The committee are to agree a system to make the final score as fair as possible for the first year.

End of Rule Proposals.