Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

(In handbook order)

The Committee

Trophies Rule 6 on page 20 to be reworded as follows:

6. All trophy holders must return their trophies to the Trophy Secretary by the 1st August. Defaulters will be fined £20 for each trophy.

6. All clubs are responsible for all trophies presented to their teams and their members. They must all be returned to the Trophy Secretary by 1st August. Clubs will be fined £20 by that date for each missing trophy. Open winners, not attached to a club, must hand trophies back after any photographs have been taken.

Passed 15 for 2 against

The Committee

Addition from the floor:

That at five all in a set a full normal tiebreak will be played to decide a final game.

Passed 10 for 7 Against

The substantive motion:

That Men's competition rule 4 be reworded as follows to simplify the points system:

4. The points awarded shall be as follows: a match won - 3 points; a match tied - 2 points; a match abandoned - 1 point unless a team is in a winning position when the result shall stand (if one team has gained 4½ sets they receive 2 points and their opponents 1 point). a match won 2 points; a match (tied or) abandoned 1 point unless a team is in a winning position when the result shall stand. (The result shall be determined by the aggregate sets won in the match).

Amendment from Bradshaw:

A match won to be three points.

Defeated 6 For 11 Against

To summarise, there are no ties this year and it's two points for a win and one each for a rain off or abandoned match.

The Committee

2. Entry to this competition is optional and clubs must make application to the League Secretary before the commencement of the League along with the Guarantee fees. No fines will be levied for the scratching of a team from a cup competition providing that at least 48 hours notice have been given to the opposition and the Match Secretary. The entry fee agreed at the AGM shall be forwarded direct to the League Treasurer along with the Guarantee fees, etc. Any club scratching an entered team must also withdraw all teams below it. If a club scratches an entered team, then any player who has played 50% or more league matches for that team cannot play in a lower team.

Passed unanimously

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