Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Lostock Tennis Club on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 7.30pm.

Present: Mr M Pearson (Chairman), Mr R Caswell (Secretary), 18 of the 24 clubs were represented. There were 19 votes available.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated online, signed as a true record and there were no matters arising.

Correspondence: None

Chairman’s Remarks: Thankfully (with the exception of the 2020/21 winter league) we were able to complete our tennis league and cup programs and our annual tournament in 2021.
Your Committee is grateful to all those concerned in establishing appropriate Covid safe protocols to enable this to happen with the minimum of disruption.
We should also thank the clubs’ team captains who had the added difficulty of finding replacements for those having to isolate sometimes at late notice.
In 2021 we had major changes in the Tennis League’s offering with the introduction of a Ladies League and also a change in format of the mixed league reducing team
sizes to 3 mixed pairs and also only playing mixed sets. The Ladies League attracted an entry of 13 teams which were organised into 2 divisions. It has been very well
received by those taking part. The change in the mixed league was well received by many although there have been some who preferred the previous format.
The Men’s and Afternoon leagues were completed with similar team numbers to 2019.
A winter competition was organised for 2020/21 but was soon suspended and was unable to recommence. A similar competition is underway for 2021/22 and thankfully
has been able to continue. The competition is in a reduced format to the pre-Covid era with fewer matches and teams competing to give the committee more flexibility to reorganise if there needs to be a temporary suspension of play. As such there will be no prizes or cups awarded. It is hoped that we will be able to put the Covid era behind us when planning for the 2022/23 season.
The Annual Tournament took place as usual in 2021. It wasn’t without Covid related problems but nevertheless was a great success.
We had a new venue for our Presentation of Trophies at the Last Drop. The evening was a great success and we have booked the venue again for 2022.
I should like to record my personal thanks to Andy Taylor as Vice-chair and for his many other roles, to Roy Caswell as Secretary and Karen Hosker as Treasurer. We
must also thank Kate Caldwell who took on the new role of Ladies League Match Secretary. I should like to thank all our other committee members who each make a
significant contribution in a variety of ways to enable the league to function and run its competitions smoothly.
Finally, I should like to note that 2022 is the Centenary Year for the BSF Tennis League. If anyone has any ideas of how we might celebrate this great milestone,
please contact a member of the committee.

Treasurer’s Report: Apologies, I can't attend the AGM tonight.
I attach the signed accounts for the year to 30.11.21, prepared by me and audited by Haslams.
At the accounts date, we were still awaiting some sponsor monies. I've done some more chasing and £125 has since been received from advertisers, along with a further £125 tournament sponsorship.  However, £25 is still due from a handbook advertiser and 5 x £125 from tournament sponsors (£625).
We do have plans afoot to improve our sponsorship offering or the 2022 tournament.
We are also due to recoup some monies from BSF for audit fees in the next few weeks.
All in all though,  I think we can be very pleased at the financial result we have achieved this year given all the adversity we have been through.
Tyldesley have now repaid their loan in full and we can perhaps remind clubs that we do offer this interest-free facility.
(Also, it looks as though SM received £105 honorarium - he didn't, the £25 is a carry over from 2020 paid late)
I am happy to respond to any queries that might arise by email if necessary
Guarantee refunds should remain as they are I would say.

Guarantee Fees: See above. These are £20 per senior team; £10 Cecil Cup; £8 per junior team.

Payment of registration fees: Provisionally this should be Friday 22nd April 2022.

Business from the Notice of Motion Meeting:This was carried out.

Election of officers: It was agreed that the existing officers and Committee be re-elected en-bloc.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm.