Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at St Margaret’s Church Hall on Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 7.30pm

Present: Mr M Pearson (Chairman), Mr R Caswell (Secretary), Ms K Hosker (Treasurer) 20 of the 25 clubs were represented. There were 23 votes available.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated online, signed as a true record and there were no matters arising.

Correspondence: None

Chairman’s Remarks: It has been pleasing to see that participation in the different competitions organised by your league committee has in the main remained similar or slightly higher in 2019 than the previous year. The number of teams in the Men’s, Mixed and Winter leagues were unchanged at 55, 35 and 42 teams respectively; the Afternoon league dropped by one team. The junior league had a major restructure with the number of players per team reducing from 8 to 4. 23 teams competed in the junior league. The restructure has met with a mixed response. Whilst there were fewer matches not completed, there were still too many. There have been discussions taking place as to how the junior offer can be made more attractive and, including providing individuals with an appropriate level of competitive tennis. A number of motions have been proposed to make further changes which we shall vote on later.

As well as the league competitions, the committee also organised another successful tournament. After a fall in numbers last year, it was pleasing to see a slight overall increase this year, with significant increases in the level mens singles and doubles events.

The gradual introduction an electronic submission of match cards and results continued successfully with over 80% of results now being submitted online. The plan is that all results will be submitted electronically in the 2020 season. We should thank Roy Caswell for leading this development and also Chris Cain who has been able to provide Roy with some valuable assistance.
Andy Taylor organised the first meeting of club chairmen during the year. The attendance was a little disappointing, but we shall organise another in 2020. The aim of these meetings is to give club chairman the opportunity to share issues that clubs are facing, which often may be common amongst many clubs. It is also part of the LTA’s strategy to forge closer links with clubs via the league structure, with the ultimate aim of increasing participation and improving quality at local level.

Katharine Abbott stood down from the committee during the year and I should like to thank her for her support in the last few years.

I am pleased that we have nominations for 3 new committee members and I would also like to offer them our thanks. There is still room for more, as we have some key positions to fill and I would urge you to give this serious consideration, if the league is to continue providing the breadth of tennis on offer.

Finally, I would like to thank all the committee members for their many and varied contributions.

Treasurer’s Report: Copies of the accounts were handed out. The treasurer went through various points. There were no questions.

Guarantee Fees: The treasurer advised that these could remain the same, but may need looking at the following year. These are £20 per senior team; £10 Cecil Cup; £8 per junior team; £3 Howarth Cup.

Payment of registration fees: This in theory should be Friday 17th April unless anything transpired at the first Committee meeting.

Business from the Notice of Motion Meeting: This was carried out.

Election of officers: It was agreed that the existing officers and Committee be re-elected en-bloc with other main roles to be elected in Committee. In addition, Nina Baxter, Ged Shepherd and Andy Jackson were elected as Committee members.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm.